Complete Call Center Solutions


Complete Call Center solutions

We develop professional Call Center solutions for companies that require specialized internal departments or want to replace the existing obsolete equipment with unified solutions, based on VoIP telephony, more competitive in terms of costs, stability, features and scalability.


Today’s markets are changing at a faster pace than ever before and customers customers have started to look not only for quality and price in a product. They need more. They need interaction. Therefore, companies must climb to the next level and pay close attention to the customers’ behavior and needs. A Call Center is a proper base for nurturing better customer experiences and can contribute significantly to the strengthening of the market position and the growth of business reputation.


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  • Maximize your agents’ productivity

    Increase the productivity of your agents by providing them with the necessary tools to execute tasks efficiently.

  • Loyalize your clients

    Empower your agents to offer quick and customized services in order to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

  • Expand your business

    Improve sales’ performance and eliminate the waiting time between calls through efficient telemarketing campaigns by using the Wombat Dialer software for predictive dialling.

  • Reduce costs

    Benefit from cost reduction by adapting the communication processes (routing call policy) to your company’s activity flows.

  • Measure the performance of your agents

    Real time activity reports to obtain relevant information on the customers’ requirements and the quality of an agent calls.



Inbound, Outbound & Blended Call Centers


Regardless of your industry, the Call Center solutions provided by GDC Telecom are fully customizable, allowing an efficient management, as well as handling of a large number of calls, both inbound and outbound, a lower number of missed calls, real-time activity reports or telesales campaign management.


Inbound outbound


Optiuni flexibile


Flexible implementation options for a simplified decision

Whether you opt for an on-premise solution, when the equipment is installed at the company premises, or a hosted solution, when it is installed in a data center in maximum safety conditions, we provide consultancy and support for making the best decision for your business.


In case you want to hold on to certain equipment or PSTN access lines, we can use CTI modular equipment as part of the the proposed solutions.



The on-premise solutions ensure full control and flexibility, notwithstanding that they are still viewed as the best choice in terms of security by most companies, since they allow for the storage and administration of confidential data.

The on-premise Call Center solutions provided by GDC Telecom are characterized by:

  •    Complete control over all systems and information since corporate data is stored and managed internally
  •    Lower implementation costs compared to similar solutions on the market
  •    Lower operational costs
  •    Increased scalability – you can easily add or remove lines or extensions
  •    Easy to customize, offering you a greater freedom in the desired configurations
  •    Provides high availability, reliability and continuity in operation, with support for disaster recovery
  •    Unlimited flexibility with hybrid options on the same platform
  •    All the technical infrastructure is managed in-house
  •    Agents can work from everywhere, including home or other locations

If you choose an on-premise solution, you will not need to pay monthly hosting fees. Indeed, compared to Cloud solutions, the up-front costs are higher, but the initial investment pays off over time.

According to a survey conducted by IDG Enterprise in 2013, 42% of the projects in Cloud were ultimately turned into in-house ones for security reasons. This decision changes depending on the life cycle of a company, from when it opts for a Cloud in the early stage, for cost reasons, to when it starts grwing and can afford higher investments and prefers on-premise solutions.

Hosted solutions refer to outsourcing the entire call center infrastructure to a third party that also supports the management and maintenance of the system. The beauty of the Cloud stays in its pure simplicity.

The company rents the equipment, therefore the up-front and maintenance costs are considerably reduced, generating a better return on the investment rate and a number of compelling advantages for companies of all sizes.

The Cloud Call Center solutions provided by GDC Telecom are characterized by:

  •    Minimal initial investment, monthly/annual fee per agent
  •    Fast deployment and easy integration with the existing infrastructure
  •    Increased productivity by streamlining the processes
  •    Complete flexibility, performance and scalability to get the most out of your Call Center. Perfect for companies that experience seasonal business cycles
  •    Agents can work from any place with Internet access (the remote agents is the ultimate trend in the industry)
  •    Simpler resource management
  •    Limited internal IT resources
  •    24/7 availability
  •    Support for virtual / remote agents / remote
  •    Secure and reliable solution
  •    Business continuity in case of emergency
  •    Upgrades and maintenance are the responsibility of the supplier

This service brings benefits to companies with multiple branches and remote employees since it facilitates agent planning for centers and regions.




Call Center team


Full range of Call Center equipment

We are exclusive distributor for a full range of Call Center equipment – IP PBX, IP phones, professional Call Center headsets – and software applications for integrators and service providers, as well as for companies that require internal Call Center departments.

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  •    Distribution of callers to various departments or agents (e.g. for English press 1, for Romanian press 2, for Sales press 3, for Support press 0, and so on) depending on the customers’ needs, by using the IVR technology
  •     Distribution of calls to available agents
  •    Agents can be ranked in ACD queues, allowing for the highest amount of calls to the agents with the most relevant skills or vice versa, less calls to new employees so as to give them more time for training
  •     Distribution according to time, day of the week or other criteria of interest to the client
  •     Call-back or voicemail functions (when all operators are busy with other calls)
  •     Overflow queues based on the time that callers have been on hold or the number of callers in the queues at a certain time
  •     Standard and high-priority queues (e.g. important customers to be taken by highly skilled agents)


The interactive voice response system allows for the menu’s personalization recording of greeting messages as well as real-time access to the logs of incoming or outgoing calls to all extensions.

The following services can be implemented on the IVR platform:

  •    Informative services
  •    Answering machine
  •    Tree services: the caller chooses different information categories by scrolling the menu with the phone keys
  •    Televoting
  •    Services for answering the calls to a TV station or radio station, live calls
  •    Redirect calls to various destinations: internal or external; such applications address those who want to receive certain categories of information in real time
  •    Online membership services: to inform the customers on their passwords, online account statement

QUEUEMETRICS SOFTWARE – Highly scalable monitoring and reporting suite

QueueMetrics is a software solution that sets up modern standards in performance measurement, statistics and reporting for call centers. Since 2004, this solution has been successfully used in thousands of contact centers worldwide.

Advanced Call Center Software Solutions for Asterisk PBX

  • Supports unlimited agents, conversion rates and agent activities
  • Compatible with any Asterisk version and configuration
  • Available in multiple languages (including Romanian)
  • Add/remove agents directly from the administrator screen
  • QM Icon Agent Page, the innovative and minimalistic interface where agents can operate all their call-center functions with only one control icon


  •    Live administrator and supervisor call center status panel
  •    Area code breakdowns inclusive of calling and waiting time
  •    Agent billable and payable time with total sales, contacts and conversion statistics
  •    Live agent page with queue statistics and agent controls
  •    Total unanswered calls with disconnection time and position
  •    Complete call distribution statistic, including sales and contacts, by week, day or hour
  •    Administrator message broadcasting and SMS functionality
  •    Full agent availability with session and pauses details and history
  •    Inbound ACD call attempts with metrics available by operator, terminal and queue
  •    Detailed call information including the Asterisk® Call ID and recorded call
  •    Total of answered calls including call length and waiting time metrics
  •    Inclusive SLA (Service Level Agreement) of answered and unanswered calls and disconnection causes

Supervisors / Team leaders can:

  • Measure agents activities, targets and conversion rates
  • Fully configure security and privacy, queue by queue
  • Create accurate real time and historical reports and statistics
  • Remotely listen to live calls as they are handled
  • See agents status and real-time activities
  • Export reporting data to MS Excel, CMS, XML (graphs include absolute values, percentages and easy to read histograms)

Agents can:

  • View the calls they're handling and integrate with external CRM
  • Pass data gathered from IVR menus or Caller ID
  • Set call status codes for all inbound and outbound traffic
  • Log­on, log­off, go on pause and set pause reason codes


WombatDialer is a flexible, easy to use outbound dialing platform that works natively with the QueueMetrics Call Center Monitoring Suite in order to produce state-of-the-art campaign analyses and insights.


  •    Works with your existing Asterisk PBX
  •    Easy, automated installation
  •    High scalability: from one to hundreds of outbound lines on multiple servers
  •    Run multiple prioritized campaigns in parallel
  •    Provides a set of "building blocks" so you can create custom-tailored solutions
  •    Strong real-time monitoring capabilities
  •    Eliminates dead time between calls
  •    Blends inbound and outbound calls, so that you can achieve high engagement rates for your agents
  •    Advanced inbound routing capabilities → inbound calls are quickly answered by the most qualified agents
  •    Real savings, faster customer service, better customer experience, greater results
  •    Increased productivity with up to 300% increaded productivity per hour with a WombatDialer dialer campaign versus a casual manual dialing procedure
  •    Maximize your sales or debt collection rates


All calls are recorded in the system and can be further revised for a better understanding of the customer needs, for monitoring agents or for statistics.

Monitor your agents’ performance to ensure that they meet all of the quality standards. Conversations between agents and customers can be played in real time. Listening can be passive or active, as the manager can intervene during the call. This system is ideal for the efficient training of employees or to resolve legal cases.

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