FIBARO for developers

A smart building brings along a new lifestyle, with improved comfort standards, functionality and safety, as well as savings in the energy consumption by at least 20%.


We collaborate with architecture firms, interior designers, engineers, project managers, residential property developers and end users to design and install high-quality building automation systems.


The FIBARO system can be implemented in villas, apartments, business centers, hotels, restaurants, stores, fitness centers, medical centers, banks, public institutions, schools or kindergartens.






Why choose FIBARO?

>  Wireless technology

>  Ease of use and installation

>  No interference with buildings’ structure

>  Designed and manufactured in Europe

>  Intuitive and user friendly interface


As a developer you will be able to offer a new concept of residential properties by introducing the best smart home systems and solutions in the world and to differentiate your business from competitors.


Clients have increasingly higher demands that will only be satisfied when the space they want to buy or rent is equipped with FIBARO system for an easy smart home control.


Home automation ensures easy access to advanced technologies. From smartphone to smarthome is no longer just a concept worthy of a science fiction scenario – it is reality! With a simple touch, your customers will be able to control temperature and lighting and secure their homes by monitoring windows and doors. The FIBARO system can easily detect break-ins, floods and fires in order to maintain houses and office buildings safe.

Include the building automation solutions in your projects


and soon you will see the results!

Find out more about the FIBARO devices 

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