High-speed connectivity with the new digital gateway SMG3016 from Synway

Synway has launched the new digital media gateway SMG3016, with 16 ports E1/T1 and 480 SIP channels, highly recommended to carriers in order to establish large capacity VoIP calling systems without changing the overall system architecture.


The SMG3016 VoIP gateway is robust enough to run in conditions of stability and reliability of the entire system on a 24-hour continuous basis. It process signaling and media in a compact 1U chassis with multiple user-friendly features such as redundant SS7 signaling, dual-power hot-swap, 2*1000Mbps Ethernet ports, automatic diagnosis and reset, as well as intelligent cooling system.


Moreover, this model has good compatibility with third-party IP PBXs (e.g. Avaya, Cisco), including also free auto-backup between ISDN-PRI and SS7 (SS7 link backup). The SS7 signaling technology can support up to 96 links (64Kbps), which efficiently shortens the call connectivity cycle and improves the success rates.


Thanks to the perfect full load ability and superior voice quality under high density situations, this VoIP gateway ensures a crystal clear sound without delays, even when the concurrent calls are up to 5,000 channels per minute.


All Synway digital gateways come with good interoperability, complete communication protocols and auto adaptability, which make them ideal for low to high scalability call centers.


SMG3016 has been successfully tested by major operators in China (China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom) that revealed a wide range of benefits such as:

      •   High interoperability with both SIP-based and traditional telephony systems, ensuring smooth deployments;
      •   Increased reliability and high voice quality, improving customer satisfaction;
      •   Centralized management solution, simplifying network operations and reducing costs. 




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