Profitable collaboration

Colaborare avantajoasa GDC Telecom 

Partnerships are an essential part of our business, and one of our key objectives is establishing long-term cooperations. To reach this goal, we have nurtured an efficient distribution system and high quality consulting services.



We have developed strategic collaborations with leading products and services developers in the telecom and home automation industries, like 3CX, Fanvil, Fibar Group, Synway or ZYCOO, to ensure our customers a number of significant advantages:

  • Diversity.  These partnerships allow us the possibility to offer comprehensive solutions and innovative technologies by reducing costs and implementation and search time for similar architectures.
  • Tested and Trusted Solutions.  Before working with a new vendor we test the products and solutions it provides, and only if they meet the market requirements, we add that vendor's product/solution in our portfolio. Such a process helps us avoid the waste of time, resources and reputation (in the unpleasant situations when a vendor’s product or solution could be of poor quality). Consequently, we work with manufacturers who have a sound reputation in all aspects: reliability, dependability client service and experience.
  • Fast shipping.   Thanks to our distribution agreements, we have developed a strong logistics infrastructure which allows us to provide fast delivery for most orders received. Therefore you will benefit from fast shipping without blocking substantial budget in stocks or logistic operations.
  • Competitive Prices.  We guarantee competitive prices for similar products on the market, helping our partners to win important projects, displaying a technical and commercial offer.
  • Safe Business.   We have implemented a Privacy Policy with our partners and once we provide an offer for a specific project, we will not provide a similar offer to anyone else. This results in a safer business for your company and more time to focus on your priorities.
  • Client Focus.   We are dedicated to our clients so they can reap the benefits of cost savings for innovative technologies and improved service delivery.
  • Customized Services.   We customize our offer to meet your specific requirements at fair and reasonable prices.



We work closely with several VoIP telephony and smart home technologies experts to provide consultancy services, so that our clients can easily implement the new technologies. There are many important advantages you can benefit from, as a result of the previous projects we have worked at:


  • Technology provider.  We are committed to providing proven performance technologies at competitive prices combined with quality support, ensuring easy and comfortable implementation of state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Consultancy.  We can skillfully consult you in choosing the optimal hardware and software interconnection solutions, be it for SS7, ISDN or IP, providing necessary equipment and related services, as well as spaces for colocation and Internet access.
  • Experience.  We have a team of dedicated professionals who will provide high quality support and a responsive customer care service.


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